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5 Easy Ways To Get A Better Nights Sleep


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5 Easy Ways To Get A Better Nights Sleep

How Can I Sleep Better At Night?

To celebrate National Sleep Day on the 19th of March, we thought we’d round up a few tips and tricks we’ve found to help us sleep better. With lockdown disrupting our daily routines in everyway possible over the last year, our sleep has definitely suffered. We’re all in need of a proper good nights sleep! So, treat yourself to some new PJs and keep reading to discover 5 easy ways to get a better nights sleep.

1. Set A Bed Time

Being consistent with your sleep cycle can help improve your sleep quality in the long run. Getting into a regular sleep/wake routine (even on the weekends!) might seem difficult at first, but your body and mind will adjust accordingly. Setting yourself a rough bedtime, gives your evening structure so you can plan your night-time routine around this. Most adults need between 6-9 hours of sleep a night, it might seem tempting to lay in to catch up on sleep but doing this regularly can affect your routine.

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2. Keep Active During The Day

Finding time to keep active during the day is difficult especially if you’re working sat at a desk at home, or in the office. There is a clear link between exercise and sleeping better, so even getting a daily 10 minute walk into your schedule can help improve your sleep quality. It’s best to keep your more active workouts earlier in the day, and reserve evenings for more low impact exercises such as yoga to prevent interference with your sleep. Check out our just landed activewear collection for a fresh workout look.

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3. Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

A clean bedroom = a clear head. Your bedroom should be a peaceful environment reserved for sleeping. You should try not to be distracted by anything in your bedroom. By not working, watching TV or using your computer in your bed, your brain will begin to only associate your bedroom with sleeping, which will make it easier to wind down in the evenings once you get into bed. Try to keep your bedroom as a space which is as quiet, clean and relaxing as possible.

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4. Create A Night-Time Routine

If you find it hard to fall asleep, the lead-up to you actually getting into bed could be impacting this more than you realise. Creating a night-time routine and changing your pre-bed habits can help to signal to your body and mind, that it’s nearly bedtime. Give yourself time to wind down! Lower the lights, put your phone away, try some quiet reading or listening to some soothing music to help prepare your mind to fall asleep with ease. Creating a relaxing night-time skincare routine can also help you get in the right frame of mind for falling asleep.

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5. Avoid Late Night Scrolling

As tempting as it is, we really shouldn’t stay up all night scrolling on our phones. Our phones are one of the worst for blue light exposure – blue light tricks our bodies into thinking it is daytime, stopping you from being able to wind down! We should aim to avoid bright screens 1-2 hours before we go to bed. If you really can’t avoid screens at night, look at turning your brightness down, night time settings and apps that can block the blue light on your screens.

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Let us know all of your tips and tricks for getting a good nights sleep! And show us your new nightwear looks using the hashtag #ThisIsYours on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, you might even get featured!